Fred Fidget

Nickname: Fidget

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Skin: Pale

Hair: Bowl-cut, Brown

Eyes: Blue, Large

Height: Very Tall

Weight: Quite Thin

Build: Narrow

Fashion: Dark, muted colors and utilitarian clothing

Interests: Classical Theatre, Drama Serials, Padlocks

Quirks: Annoyed by people who grunt a lot and the rainforest

Habits: Fidgeting when stressed (which is always)


Jordan Jazzy

Nickname: Jaz

Sex: Undecided

Age: 21

Skin: Brown

Hair: Mid-length, Wavy, Dark Blonde

Eyes: Dark Brown, small

Height: Short

Weight: Average weight

Build: Average

Fashion: Autumn colors, Attention grabbing, Belts

Interests: Surfing, Skeletons, Trucks

Quirks: Believes in werewolves, fears natural disasters, and loves fashion

Habits: n/a


Rachel Riveted

Nickname: Rivet

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Skin: Fair

Hair: Long, straight, black

Eyes: Gray, average-sized

Height: A little tall

Weight: A bit pudgy

Build: Somewhat broad

Fashion: Soft colors, flowing material, hats, scarves, belts, minimal jewelry

Interests: Cats, the Wizard of Oz, bowling

Quirks: Hates not knowing things, Believes in UFOs

Habits: Easily obsessed, compulsive counter