In the beginning....

There was a class.

And that class was Intro to Digital Media.

And in that class there was an assignment.

During that assignment a classmate provided only a description of a family member . . .

And we used Illustrator to create an image of them using that description.

( Side note: my classmate described her brother as a cross between Voldemort and Bieber. LOL. )




And then.....

There was a Project.

And that project needed to be inspired by a previous assignment, but basically large and in-charge.

(Guess which assignment I chose!)

(And I totally had the Space Odyssey 2001: Dawn of Man music playing in my head during this whole opening... you know, the moment when the apeman realizes he can use the bones as a tool/weapon. Way over-dramatic.)

Okay, let's bring this back to a normal level.

Unlike the original assignment, I wanted to go a bit more in-depth and use more of the illustrator features than I did previously AND I wanted it to be more on the side of random/custom generation, like when you are creating a role-play character or making a random prompt or idea generating for a story. That being said, I used a few of the random generators found on, a resource for writers and role-players, and with which you can generate some super interesting and mostly silly characters.

The following generators were used in coming up with my characters:

Basic Character Appearances Generator

Random Fashion Style Preferences Generator

Character Interests Generator

Random Character Quirk Generator

As this is inspired based on the whole online writing/role-play creation idea, I decided to not print the pieces for class, but rather create an online site where they would play the main cast.

For the characters, I started in photoshop by drawing the basic design outlines, traced them in illustrator, and then used the Live Paint tool with various colors, gradients, and patterns to make my cast profiles. I then created a banner for the page directly in Illustrator using the vector brush tool primarily to make a design where the three cast members are in totally different positions and with a slightly varied design. I also used the Text and Shape tools to make the logo/text for the site and smaller link images. The pathfinder tool was used a bit throughout.

I'm not much of a comic artist, as I'm fairly sucky at drawing the same character repeatedly, but I kind of enjoy the hell out of the "Random Encounters" idea. I plan to use this site to work on my comic skills, throw up random strips and art pieces, and have my three cast members randomly comment on what is posted ala Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style. My creative writing skills are a bit rusty and I can get a bit lackadaisical, so we will see how well I keep up with it. I tend to make fun of myself as well, so don't be surprised if self-deprecation shows up on occasion.